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Where Were You? (5 DVD Boxset)

Where Were You? (5 DVD Boxset)
Where Were You? (5 DVD Boxset)
Where Were You? (5 DVD Boxset)
There are some global events of such impact that they stay with us forever. They are so important that we sit up and pay attention as they are happening: we sit glued to the television; we pore over newspapers; we frantically search out more information to understand. This series looks at some of the most shocking events of the 20th and early 21st Century, analysing how the news of their occurrence spread across the globe and what impact they had on the modern world.

A fascinating take on world history that asks the question ‘Where Were You?’

Episode 1 – The Fall of the Berlin Wall
Over two days, November 9-10 1989, history was made when the wall that had separated East and West Berlin since 1961 was destroyed, reuniting families and unifying the city. After 28 years, residents of both sides could barely believe the separation was over. But it was true, and the celebrations that followed would be felt around the world.

Episode 2 - Concorde
Cruising at twice the speed of sound, Concorde was an aviation dream made reality. Tragically, on July 25 2000, a chartered flight crashed shortly after takeoff, killing all passengers and crew as well as 4 people on the ground. Graphic footage captured on mobile phones and photos of the crash site spread across global news channels, destroying Concorde’s twenty-five year safety record and contributing to the subsequent retirement of the entire fleet.

Episode 3 - Asian Tsunami
On Boxing Day, 2004, a massive earthquake set in motion a tsunami that would devastate parts of Asia and kill hundreds of thousands of people. Millions were left homeless, without sanitation, clean water or food. As the details of the extent of the devastation unfolded, an unprecedented global humanitarian effort developed.

Episode 4 - Bloody Sunday
Sunday January 30, 1972, was a landmark date in Northern Ireland’s troubled past. Scenes of violence had not been uncommon but, on this Sunday, a peaceful civil rights march turned into a bloody massacre when British soldiers opened fire on civilians. Fourteen men were killed; of these, seven were teenagers. The day became known as “Bloody Sundayâ€ and has since been immortalised in film and song.

Episode 5 - September 11
The attacks on the World Trade Centre towers in New York and the Pentagon in Washington have become known simply as “9/11â€. That’s all most of us need to hear to recall the haunting visions of the towers being struck, and the resulting collapse of both structures, which caused the deaths of thousands. The world reeled with shock at the blatant attack as programming was interrupted to break the shocking news. September 11, 2001 will be recognised as a day that truly changed the world forever.

Episode 6 - Nelson Mandela
The release of Mandela after 27 years of political imprisonment on Sunday, 11th February 1990 was an historic occasion, for both the man and his country. The iconic footage of his walk to freedom brought hope to a country torn apart by racial divisions and, not long after, his dream of seeing a unified South Africa came true when Apartheid was abolished.

Episode 7 - Chernobyl
Before April 1986, Chernobyl was just a small town in the USSR but, after a test on the reactor at the local nuclear power plant caused overheating and an explosion, the world would come to know Chernobyl as the home of the biggest industrial disaster in history. Nuclear meltdown caused radiation to spread from Russia to surrounding countries, killing thousands and causing birth defects for many years after.

Episode 8 - Beslan Massacre
In the Russian town of Beslan in 2004, terrorists stormed a school, holding more than 1,100 students and teachers hostage for three days. The siege was broadcast live and its violent end was witnessed by many across the world. Of the 334 fatalities, 186 were children and the innocence of many more was another casualty of the horrifying event.

Episode 9 - Afghanistan War
In the aftermath of 9/11, President George Bush was under immense pressure to find those responsible for the terrorist attack. With support from America’s allies, his administration embarked upon the War on Terror, sending troops to Afghanistan in the hunt for the world’s most wanted man – Osama Bin Laden - and battling against the Taliban regime that ruled Afghanistan.

Episode 10 - Moon Landing
“One small step for man; one giant leap for mankindâ€ were the immortal words of Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on the moon. On July 16, 1969, Apollo 11 was launched from Cape Kennedy. Four days later, history was made when Armstrong, Edwin “Buzzâ€ Aldrin and Michael Collins reached the lunar surface and people all over the world were transfixed by the stunning images.

Episode 11 - Hurricane Katrina
One of the deadliest storms in US history struck the southern coast in August 2005, leaving a trail of death and destruction. As well as the physical devastation and loss of life, Hurricane Katrina exposed the weaknesses of the government’s emergency response. Reporters and bloggers in the affected areas were used by the authorities to co-ordinate rescue efforts.

Episode 12 - Lockerbie Plane Disaster
Residents of Lockerbie will never forget December 21, 1988 - the night Pan Am Flight 103 crashed, killing all on board and 11 local residents. The resulting investigation found that the crash was caused by a bomb and 2 Libyans were eventually found guilty of the atrocity. It would take a 3 year inquest for the victims’ families to find out the truth of what happened and doubts still remain for some.
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