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Various Artists - VAST (CD ALBUM)

Various Artists - VAST (CD ALBUM)

Various Artists - VAST (CD ALBUM)

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Various Artists - VAST (CD ALBUM)

Various Artists - VAST (CD ALBUM)

In a ghost town, 1500 kilometresfrom Perth, some of Australia's finest songwriters came together to collaborate, writing and recording songs that emerged from a unique collective experience in an ancient and wondrous landscape.

Bernard Fanning, Sally Seltmann, Paul Dempsey, Glenn Richards (Augie March), Oh Mercy,Alan Pigram(PigramBrothers), Jae Laffer (the Panics), KavTemperley(Eskimo Joe) comedian Paul McDermott and many other notable musicians camped with visual artists and a musical instrument maker for a week in the historic deserted settlement of Cossack (BAJINHURRBA), in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The songs that emerged document their response to the awe inspiring landscape, a celebration of the land and the people of the coastal desert region.

Days and nights were spent in and around this makeshift creative village; in every building, on every corner and out in the surrounding land people were working, creating music and art -the sound of guitars and voices singing brought this ghost town to life as friendswere made and creative collaborations forged.

"The Pilbara is an explosive amazing place. You feel it in your feet –especially when you're an artist, you see something that sparks a thought. It brings energy into yourself, makes you produce something that's incredible –That's the feeling of the Pilbara, the feeling of being on really sacred country and really sacred land, that's the old people's dreaming. I'm proud and happy to be part of this.To be on a journey with people and be in those peoples journey as well as a traditional owner while I'm standing here. This is somethingspecial –very special."Josie Alec


1.Paul Dempsey –'The Sky's Gone Missing'

2.Alexander Gow –'Have A Little Faith'

3.Bernard Fanning –'Everything'

4.Glenn Richards –'Cossack Tide'

5.Sally Seltmann–'River River'


7.Bernard Fanning –'Ashes & Dust'

8.Tyson Mowarin–'Best I Can'

9.Rowena Wise –'Overgrow'

10.Jae Laffer –'Ruins Of A Nameless Man'

11.The Healys–'Tradition'

12.Nick Sheppard –'You Get What You Give'

13.Paul McDermott –'Let Go'

14.Aimee Chapman –'Swallows'

15.Adam Harvey –'Red Dirt Town'

16.Ryan Brennan –'FifoWaltz'

17.Ian Campbell –'Ghost Town'

18.Josie Alec –'Vast Thoughts'

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