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Defqon.1 2018 - Maximum Force (CD ALBUM)-Various Artists

Defqon.1 2018 - Maximum Force (CD ALBUM)-Various Artists

Various Artists - Defqon.1 2018 - Maximum Force (CD ALBUM)

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Various Artists - Defqon.1 2018 - Maximum Force (CD ALBUM)

Various Artists - Defqon.1 2018 - Maximum Force (CD ALBUM)

Hardest of warriors, you have been chosen. It is almost time to return to the holy grounds of Defqon.1 festival. From June 22ndto the 24th, we gather our tribe for another legendary weekend. The time has come to pay our tribute to the harder styles. Gathered in force, moving as one.

On the 22ndof June we proudly present you Defqon.1 Maximum Force -the compilation. This compilation contains 4CDs to represent the colours of Defqon.1 Festival Red, Black, Blue and White. From euphoric to raw and from up-tempo to freestyle, this CD displays the great variation of harder styles you can find on Defqon.1 festival.


1.Project One-Maximum Force (Defqon.1 Anthem 2018)

2.Sound Rush-Guide You

3.Noisecontrollers. Atmozfears-This Is Our World

4.KELTEK-Through The Night

5.Wildstylez-Bounce Like This


7.PsykoPunkz, DjIsaac, Sound Rush -Unbreakable

8.Headhunterz, Wildstylez, Noisecontrollers-No One Can Stop Us Now

9.D-Bloc, S-te-Fan, Villain -We Don't Stop (Lights Out)

10.Sub Zero Project -March Of The Rebels

11.Toneshifterz, Atmozfears-You & Me

12.Headhunterz, Sub Zero Project-Our Church

13.Wildstylez-Children Of Drums

14.Audiotricz-Discover The New

15.Jay Reeve, Xense-Don't Give Up

16.Evil Activities, Endymion-Broken

17.D-Block, S-Te-Fan-Twilight Zone

18.Bass Modulators, Max Enforcer-Our Soul

19.Devin Wild-It Feels So Good

20.Will Sparks, Toneshifterz-Home To You

21.Brennan Heart, TNT-Hard Knockin' Beats


23.Sub Zero Project -The XPRMNT

24.GunzFor Hire-Real Warrior

25.Andy The Core, X-Mind-DistoDisco

26.Reevoid-Dancing With The Devil

27.The Melodyst-Floor Licker

28.Andy The Core, The Melodyst-Italian Psycho

29.The Sickest Squad-Zombie

30.Art of Fighters-Evoke

31.Andy The Core-Undisputed

32.The Sickest Squad-Purple

33.Andy The Core, FreakOn-Something4

34.The Melodyst, Andy The Core-Partycrasher

35.F.NoizevsA-Kriv-Get Ready

36.Andy The Core-Brutal method

37.The Sickest Squad, Lenny Dee-It's Just a MF

38.The Melodyst-Hard travel

39.Lady Dammage& Andy The Core-I8U

40.Dr.Peacock, Billx-It'acalled XTC

41.The Punisher-Give me


43.Re-Style-Get It Crackin'

44.Radium-Oh My Core

45.The Melodyst-Personal demon

46.Andy The Core-About The Rage

47.Spitnoise-Just Like That

48.Monkey Bizness-Bank Robbery

49.Radical Redemption-America

50.Digital Punk, Max Enforcer-Start The Revolution

51.Radical Redemption, Crypsis, Act of Rage, Chain Reaction, Minus Militia, Luna, KoldKonexion, Nolz-Brothers In Sound

52.D-Sturb-Party At My Place

53.Radical Redemption-Out For Blood

54.Chain Reaction -Feed The Flame

55.Crypsis, Nolz-F#ckThe Average

56.Radical Redemption -The Darkest Moment

57.Minus Militia -PessimalEvil

58.Act of Rage, Nolz-Alpha Rebel

59.Radical Redemption -Satan's Play

60.Digital Punk-Nothing Can Hold Us Back

61.Radical Redemption -The Road to Redemption

62.E-Force, Luna -Mindcontroller

63.Radical Redemption -Brutal 7.0


65.Minus Militia-Bring The Pain

66.Act of Rage, D-Sturb-Let The Games Begin

67.Warface-Day One

68.D-Sturb, Malice -Drop 'EmDown

69.Radical Redemption, Nolz-Kingpin

70.Radical Redemption -Break Your Jaw

71.Angerfist-Criminally Insane

72.Crypsis, D-Fence-VolGas Met Die Bass

73.Radical Redemption, Angerfist, Nolz-Nocturnolz

74.Miss K8-Temper

75.Radical Redemption -Exorcism

76.Radical Redemption-Sacrifice

77.RätN FrikK-Not An 808

78.Ransom-Hit The Sky

79.Jebroer, Anita Doth-Marathon

80.DrRude -Drop That Low

81.Crisis Era -Make Me Bounce

82.Kayzo, Slander -Holy

83.BoomboxCartel -Moon Love

84.RätN FrikK-Millennial Kid

85.Yellow Claw, Stoltenhoff-Beastmode

86.Vlado-Wake Up

87.RätN FrikK-High Or Low

88.Primeshock-Target training

89.RätN FrikK-1 2 Fire

90.KAAZE -End Of The World

91.RätN FrikK, Ransom-More Than A Dream

92.Tweekacore, Darren Styles -Partystarter

93.RätN FrikK-Could Die

94.Da Tweekaz, Sephyx-This Is Special

95.Lost Identity-Send 'EmHome

96.Hard Driver -DOPE

97.Plug 'n Play-Showtime

98.D-Attack, MC Diesel-Running The Show


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Release Date 27 Jul 2018
Brand N/A
Artist Various Artists
Title Defqon.1 2018 - Maximum Force
Format 4CD ALBUM
Packaging cddvd25072021Parcel
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