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Too Free - Love In High Demand (LP)

Too Free - Love In High Demand (LP)
Too Free - Love In High Demand (LP)
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Too Free - Love In High Demand (LP)
Too Free - Love In High Demand (LP)

Identity is a strange and magnificent thing - and when people are given the chance to be their truest, most honest selves - possibilities seem infinite. Too Free is born of the most innate curiosity in Awad Bilal, Carson Cox, and Don Godwin - their only mission is a desire to connect. Drawing on the power of movement and improvisation, each track provides an empathetic space for the listener. Their debut album, Love in High Demand is a continuous refinement of the virtue of motion - each composition rooted in propulsive energy that envelops. Washington, DC is a city built of powerful rhythm and kinetic motion - and plenty of variety in terrain for it's compact size. Bursts of lush forest line cross-city parkways as it cradles the intersection of the Anacostia and Potomac, sedimentary waters that reminisce of the native swamplands it was before. Just like those swamps, Too Free taps into the same primitive and intrinsic sensibilities that shape their landscape.


Touch Upon Touch
Atm 04:38
The Void
Breathing Underwater
Wanna Let Me Know
No Fun 04:02

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Release Date 21 Feb 2020
Brand N/A
Artist Too Free
Title Love In High Demand
Format LP
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