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The Priests: Harmony(CD)

The Priests: Harmony(CD)

The Priests: Harmony

The Priests: Harmony(CD)
The Priests, brothers Fathers Martin and Eugene O'Hagan and Father David Delargy, were young school friends when they first sang together at the age of 12 (Martin and David) and 15 (Eugene). Their love of singing continued whilst studying for the priesthood in Rome. Once ordained, all three took up parish commitments. Singing was both part of prayer plus, in their spare time, they performed in local operas, musicals and choirs. In February 2008, a record company scout knocked on their door and asked them to make a demo. The rest, as they say is history. The resulting album broke the Guinness world record for the fastest selling classical debut of all time.
Regardless, The Priests never allow their music commitments to stand in the way of their day jobs and parish obligations. So adamant are they that their priestly duties must come first, their recording contract stipulates that they will never be asked to put record promotion ahead of their pastoral work.
Track Listing:
1. How Great Thou Art
2. Ta Deum
3. Gaelic Blessing
4. Amazing Grace
5. Bist Du Bei Mir
6. Benedictus
7. Stabat Mater
8. Laudamus Te
9. Ave Verum
10. King of Kings
11. Lift Thine Eyes
12. Silent Night
13. The Lord's Prayer
14. O Comfort My People
15. You'll Never Walk Alone
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Artist The Priests
Title Harmony
Format CD
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