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The Head And The Heart - Living Mirage (LP)

The Head And The Heart - Living Mirage (LP)

The Head And The Heart - Living Mirage (LP)

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The Head And The Heart - Living Mirage (LP Full Price)

The Head And The Heart - Living Mirage (LP)

Early last year, The Head And The Heart came together in the Mojave Desert’s Joshua Tree where they decided to shed old skin before writing their fourth album, Living Mirage, a sweeping, artful expansion of the earthy folk rock that once defined them. This recent “rebirth, a spirit quest of sorts,” as bassist Chris Zaschedescribes it, came from growing pains after their last album, Signs of Light: the amicable departure of guitarist-vocalist Josiah Johnson, replaced by Matt Gervais (husband to singer-violinist Charity Rose Thielen), and the return of keyboardist Kenny Hensley.

“In my mind, the songs on this album are vignettes,” Jon says. “Like ‘Brenda’ reminds me of when you’re a teenager at a house party. You’re surrounded by noise—‘What am I doing here?’—and a ray of light comes down and you notice this person. You’re like, ‘Maybe I will stay.’ These songs feel honest.”

Living Mirage lives up to its title, a shapeshifting fever dream of unease, angst, and ultimately hope. “This is literally the most work we’ve ever done on an album,” the band’s Jon Russell remarks, proudly.

1.See You Through My Eyes
2.Missed Connection
3.People Need A Melody
6.Running Through Hell
7.Up Against The Wall
8.Saving Grace
9.I Found Out
10.Living Mirage
11.Glory Of Music

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Release Date 17 May 2019
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Artist The Head And The Heart
Title Living Mirage
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