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Strike Force - The Complete Series (5 DVD Boxset)HARRIER, MiG-29: SUKHOI, BUCCANEER,SUKHOI,VULCAN

Strike Force - The Complete Series (5 DVD Boxset)HARRIER, MiG-29: SUKHOI, BUCCANEER,SUKHOI,VULCAN

Strike Force - The Complete Series (5 DVD Boxset)

Strike Force - The Complete Series (5 DVD Boxset)

The STRIKE FORCE series features war planes from around the world. Fighters and bombers from past and present are analysed and explored, giving a fascinating insight into the formidable power of strike aircraft that will appeal to enthusiasts of all ages.

The Strike Force Boxset features all 5 DVDs in the series.

In the Gulf War, the Buccaneer proved that it could play a significant offensive role both as a target marker for Tornados and as a bomber in its own right. This was no surprise to the Royal Navy and the RAF who considered that the Buccaneer had been one of the world’s best low-level strike aircraft of the last 30 years. Includes rare archive footage and exclusive interviews with the people who designed and flew the plane, giving a personal insight into the innovations, testing and service life of this magnificent aircraft.

Salute the achievements of the Harrier, in peace and war, over land and sea, through test and research, taking this unique British aircraft design towards the 21st Century. This fast-paced, action-packed DVD features original and dramatic footage along with exclusive videotape taken of No1 (Fighter) Squadron’s spectacular mass display of Harriers at Fairford’s International Air Tattoo and so much more.

Arguably the most advanced strike aircraft in the world today, the MiG 29’s maneuverability and stability at high angles of attack makes it a formidable weapon. Developed in the sinister days of the cold war, the concept behind the MiG was to design an aircraft specifically for both offensive and defensive roles. This DVD tells the story of the MiG’s evolution, from initial brief through design, development, testing, flight trials and deployment. Includes superb archive footage, original interviews with designers and pilots, plus an exclusive interview with the man responsible for testing the plane to its limits - Leonid Lobos.

STRIKE FORCE: THE STORY OF SUKHOIThe Sukhoi story tells the complete history of one of the world’s most famous designers and manufacturers of strike aircraft. With vintage footage that has never been seen in the West, the programme examines closely the development and capabilities of the later Sukhoi aircraft including the SU-24 Fencer, the SU25 Frogfoot and the Su-27 Flanker. The DVD concludes with an extraordinary aerial ballet performed by two SU-27’s filmed by a third plane. The Cobra’s turns and twists make this one of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring film sequences ever seen.

Experience the grace and beauty of the majestic Vulcan from its early years to the current 603’s rebuilt at its birthplace - AVRO, Woodford. This delta wing subsonic jet bomber that was operated by the Royal Air Force from 1953 until 1984. The Vulcan was part of the RAF’s V bomber force, which fulfilled the role of nuclear deterrence against the Soviet Union during the Cold War. It was also used in a conventional bombing role during the Falklands conflict with Argentina.

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