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The love began at 14. At that time she was allowed to sing “Sweet Silence, Soft Source” from the Nine German Arias at a Christmas concert. Since that time she has been enthralled by the music of Georg Friedrich Händel. The soprano Simone Kermes glows as soon as she hears Händel’s name. Outside of biographical similarities –“we both lost our fathers at the age of 12 –Händel’s works became the cornerstone of her career time and again, whether at an entrance examination at a university in Leipzig or singing at her first opera role.
After her successful albums, “Rival Queens” and the “Colori d’Amore”, with its forgotten baroque jewels, and after her excursionto “Bel Canto” and the commitment to vocal virtuosity in “Dramma”, Simone Kermes is now dedicating 16 selected arias in her “Pioneer, Guardian Angel, Idol” to Händel!

Of course, the aria that started everything must not be missing. Therefore, “Sweet Silence, Soft Source” kicks off the new CD. This is followed by excerpts from “Giuglio Cesare”, “Deidamia”, “Rodelinda” and other stage works that represent and capture the various life stages of the composer. In Rome, one of the cardinals gushed over Händel so much that he contracted for “Il trionfo del tempo e del Disinganno” and even supplied the libretto. Simone Kermes just sung the aria “Guardian Angels” from this oratorio in Cologne, one of the pivotal cities in her career. Clearly, this music also will not be missing from her new album. That also goes for “Rinaldo.” Simone Kermes admits, “A masterpiece is created for you here: ‘Lascia ch‘io pianga’ is my absolute favorite aria and is always my last encore

In the course of her successful career, she has sung almost all of the sorceress characters in Handel’s operas, including, ofcourse Alcina, who transforms her former lovers into animals. And fittingly, the aria “Mi restano le lagrime” can be heard on her new CD. At theend is Handel’s famous worldwide hit, “Ombra mai fu”, which has been clicked on over a million times on the internet. And additionally in thesupplementary booklet, Simone Kermes explains in powerfully personal terms her special relationship to Georg Friedrich Händel, poses open questions, and confesses her dreams and memories.

For some years now, Simone Kermes has been celebrated for her riveting stage presence and her vocal virtuosity. Just in the areaof concerts, she has tapped into a huge fan base with her self-developed music projects. With her concept albums, that are produced with SonyClassical, she has even stormed the pop charts.

In 2017 Simone Kermes founded her own orchestra, “Kermes e Amici Veneziani”, based on her many years of experience with her musicians. To her it was a necessity to “experience and bring together quality and humanity, and to carry it on.” Simone Kermes successfully teaches master courses all over the world. Fostering young talent and passing on her own musical knowledge and experience –all that isnear and dear to the soprano’s heart.


1. Rinaldo, HWV 7a, Act I, Scene 5: Furieterribili!
2. Giulio Cesare in Egitto, HWV 17, Act III, Scene 3: Piangeròla sortemia
3. La Resurrezione, HWV47, Part I: Disserratevi, o ported'Averno
4. Amadigidi Gaula, HWV 11, Act I, Scene 4: Ah, spietato
5. Il trionfodel tempo e del disinganno, HWV 46a, Part II: Come nembochefuggecol vento
6. Serse, HWV 40, Act I, Scene 1: Ombramaifu
7. Teseo, HWV 9, Act V, Scene1: Morirò, ma vendicata
8. Rodelinda, reginade' Longobardi, HWV 19, Act III, Scene 4: Se 'l mioduolnon è siforte
9. Athalia, HWV 52, Part II, Scene 4: My vengeance awakes me
10. Saul, HWV 53, Act II, Scene 2: Author of Peace
11. Deidamia, HWV 42, Act III, Scene 2: M'hairesainfelice
12. Lotario, HWV 26, Act I, Scene 10: Scherzain mar la navicella
13. Neundeutsche Arien, HWV 205, No. 4: SüßeStille, sanfteQuelle
14. The Triumph of Time and Truth, HWV 71, Part III: Guardian Angels
15. Rinaldo, HWV 7a, Act II, Scene 4: Lasciach'iopianga

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