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Secret Ceremony (DVD)

Secret Ceremony (DVD)
Secret Ceremony (DVD)

Secret Ceremony is a dark journey, a melange of mental illness and deception.

Cenci, a wealthy, psychotic waif fixes on Leonora, a prostitute who strongly resembles the girl's dead mother. She eventually entices Leonora to her large, comfortable home and begins addressing her as 'mommy'. Maternal feelings, sympathy for this lost girl, and the prospect of luxurious living such as she has never known, convince Leonora to adopt the role of Cenci's mother.

When Cenci's bitter, spinster aunts, Hannah & Hilda come to call, and with the arrival of Cenci's stepfather, Albert, Leonora learns more about Cenci than she ever wanted to know.

Joseph Losey

Marco Denevi and George Tabori

Elizabeth Taylor, Mia Farrow, Robert Mitchum, Peggy Ashcroft, Pamela Brown

Year 1968
Catalogue Number 198621
Running Time 100 mins
Rating M
Format 16x9 widescreen
Special Features Chapter selection, Trailer
Subtitles N/A
Language English
System PAL
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More Information
Release Date N/A
Brand N/A
Artist N/A
Title Secret Ceremony (DVD)
Format DVD
Packaging ISLetter
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