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Raymond Agoult - Clair de Lune / Waldteufel Waltzes (CD DOUBLE (SLIMLINE CASE))

Raymond Agoult - Clair de Lune / Waldteufel Waltzes (CD DOUBLE (SLIMLINE CASE))

Raymond Agoult - Clair de Lune / Waldteufel Waltzes (CD DOUBLE (SLIMLINE CASE))

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Raymond Agoult - Clair de Lune / Waldteufel Waltzes (CD DOUBLE (SLIMLINE CASE))

Raymond Agoult - Clair de Lune / Waldteufel Waltzes (CD DOUBLE (SLIMLINE CASE))

Three Decca albums of popular Romantic classics remastered complete for CD and compiled for the first time.

Recorded at London's Kingsway Hall early in 1957 and first released in the US by RCA Victor, 'Overtures in Spades' was a collection of operatic openers that enjoyed more popular currency then than they do now: Suppé'sLight Cavalry still features on radio playlists, less so his overtures to Morning, Noon and Night in Vienna or The Queen of Spades, while three 19th-century pieces of polished craftsmanship by Adam, Auber and Héroldare hardly known today.

Reissued as 'Overture! Overture!' the album took another 12 years to be incorporated within the Decca catalogue, though the reviewers had enjoyed the dynamic Decca sound of the original recording as well as the full-bodied, exciting performances of a London studio band under the directorship of Raymond Agoult, a seasoned, Hungarian-born conductor of popular and light classics.

In 1958 Agoultand the New Symphony Orchestra made a second record for Decca, 'Clair de lune', featuring gentle Andantes and tender Adagios –a Classic FM album before its time –by the likes of Debussy, Elgar, Tchaikovsky and Massenet. Newly remastered from the original tapes, both albums are coupled on this Eloquence reissue with a rare LP of Waldteufelwaltzes under the direction of another experienced, British-based session musician, the Australian-born Douglas Gamley. Waldteufel'sart lay in combining the easygoing feel and nostalgic pull of the Viennese waltz with a more brilliant, French style of orchestration: a synthesis that endeared him to English audiences in particular. This collection fills out a portrait of the composer beyond the ubiquitous Skaters' Waltz to present six further waltzes and a Grenadiers march scored with surprising delicacy.

'The recording… is a humdinger, with a resounding lower region, unbelievably powerful dynamics, excellent balance and marvellouslysweet string tone.' High Fidelity, August 1958 (Overtures in Spades)

'There is plenty of care and musical feeling in the performances… Particularly successful are the Méditation, the Andante cantabile and the Dernier sommeil, in all of which the intense but really quiet string playing is highly commendable.' Gramophone, June 1960 (Clair de lune)

'The playing has marvellouslife and flair and its spirit is essentially French… the National Philharmonic in spanking form.' Gramophone, October 1982 (Waldteufel)


CD 1

1MASSENET Méditation

2 TCHAIKOVSKY Chant sans paroles*

3FAURÉ Pavane

4ELGARDream Children

5DEBUSSY Clair de lune (orch. Mouton)*

6J.S. BACH–BANTOCK Wachetauf, ruftunsdie Stimme

7 TCHAIKOVSKY Andante cantabile

8GLUCK Dance of the Blessed Spirits*

9MASSENET Le dernier sommeilde la Vierge

10ADAM Si j'étaisroi–Overture

11AUBER Les Diamantsde la couronne –Overture°

CD 2

1 SUPPÉ Die leichteKavallerie–Overture

2SUPPÉ Ein Morgen, einMittag, einAbend in Wien –Overture*

3 SUPPÉ Pique Dame –Overture*

4 HÉROLD Zampa–Overture*

New Symphony Orchestra of London

Raymond Agoult


5Les Patineurs–Waltz

6 Mon rêve–Waltz

7 Toujoursoujamais –Waltz

8 Les Grenadiers –Valsemilitaire

9 España

10 Dolorès

11 Pomone–Waltz

National Philharmonic Orchestra

Douglas Gamley


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Release Date 10 May 2019
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Artist Raymond Agoult
Title Clair de Lune / Waldteufel Waltzes
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