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Poppy Shakespeare (DVD)

Poppy Shakespeare (DVD)
Poppy Shakespeare (DVD)
Poppy Shakespeare (DVD)
Who is mad? Who is sane? Who decides?

From the producer of The Last King of Scotland and the Emmy-nominated director of RKO 281, Poppy Shakespeare is a moving drama about people who fall through the cracks in society.

N (Anna Maxwell Martin) is a 13 year veteran of the Dorothy Fish, a psychiatric day hospital in North London, and a self-described “dribbler”, who long ago resigned herself to life in an institution and on medication. Her sole ambition is never to be discharged but this changes when the glamorous and flamboyant Poppy (Naomie Harris) bursts on to the scene, loudly protesting her sanity and desperate to get out. A baffled N reluctantly agrees to help her.

In a 21st Century ‘Catch 22’, the pair soon discover that, to prove Poppy is sane, they need to qualify for legal aid to pay for the lawyer. In an ironic twist, Poppy must first get sickness benefit, for which she must prove she is mad. Trapped in a crazy, upside-down world, where nothing turns out to be quite what it seems, a curious friendship develops. Starring Naomie Harris (Pirates of the Caribbean), and Anna Maxwell Martin (Becoming Jane).

Year 2008

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