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Overkill - The Wings Of War (CD ALBUM (1 DISC))

Overkill - The Wings Of War (CD ALBUM (1 DISC))

Overkill - The Wings Of War (CD ALBUM (1 DISC))

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Overkill - The Wings Of War (CD ALBUM (1 DISC))

New frontiers aren't often conquered in the modern world of heavy metal, yetOVERKILLremain unfazed by the growing presence of social media, modern internet, a demand for streaming services, and a general sense of competition between the sea of other metal bands trying to make a name for themselves, today.It's with over 30 years under their leather belts that these New Jersey natives are prepared to unveil their latest offering:»The Wings Of War«. With 10 tracks and fifty one minutes long, their 19th full length album is the ultimate combination of sickening brutality and addictive melody. It was yet another incredible album cover design byTravis Smiththat sparked the idea of what to name this next album. With 5 of the iconicOverkillwinged skulls brooding powerfully around the table seemingly prepared for battle,»The Wings Of War«simply rolled off the tongue.


1. Last Man Standing

2. Believe In The Fight

3. Head Of A Pin

4. BatShitCrazy

5. Distortion

6. A Mother's Prayer

7. Welcome To The Garden State

8. Where Few Dare To Walk

9. Out On The Road-Kill

10. Hole In My Soul

11. In Ashes

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Release Date 22 Feb 2019
Brand N/A
Artist Overkill
Title The Wings Of War
Format CD ALBUM (1 DISC)
Packaging -
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