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Neillyrich - Love Bender (CD ALBUM (1 DISC))

Neillyrich - Love Bender (CD ALBUM (1 DISC))

Neillyrich - Love Bender (CD ALBUM (1 DISC))

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Neillyrich - Love Bender (CD ALBUM (1 DISC))

Neillyrich - Love Bender (CD ALBUM (1 DISC))

Love Bender is the debut full length album from Australian country duo, NeillyRich. It's a culmination of years of work, writing, driving, performing, traveling, ending in a Nashville recording studio under the wing of renowned producer, Jamie Tate. For every song that made the cut, twenty didn't. They poured over lyrics and melodies, tested and played with ideas, and during the journey, found their "sound". Originally due for release earlier in 2020, the album needed to be rescheduled due to the pandemic. Featuring seven tracks including their previous four singles, Hey You, Firewood, Stop Loving You, and My Town, Love Benderbrings about the true double country heart that is NeillyRich.


01 Stop Loving You

02 My Town

03 Love Bender

04 I.C.U.

05 Hooked on Summer

06 Hey You

07 Firewood

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More Information
Release Date 27 Nov 2020
Brand N/A
Artist Neillyrich
Title Love Bender
Format CD ALBUM (1 DISC)
Packaging -
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