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N.Y.C.K. - Wild Streak (CD ALBUM (1 DISC))

N.Y.C.K. - Wild Streak (CD ALBUM (1 DISC))

N.Y.C.K. - Wild Streak (CD ALBUM (1 DISC))

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N.Y.C.K. - Wild Streak (CD ALBUM (1 DISC))

N.Y.C.K. - Wild Streak (CD ALBUM (1 DISC))

Wild Streak is the long awaited debut album from brooding Melbourne duo N.Y.C.K., aka Nick Acquroffand Dominique Garrard.

Both the album and its title track begins when Nick was depressed, newly single, and living his worst life with a friend in aleafy St Kilda apartment. Derailed by the dissolution of a long-term relationship, he'd spend his nights down the local pub with his housemate, and his days regretting what he got up to the night before. "Four in the morning/We're not nearly done," he sings. "We're gonnafinish ourselves off."

"Wild Streakis like opening someone's sketch book. Some days you're happy. Some days you're sad. Sometimes you're numb and alone and somedays you're celebrating wildly. It's about waking up to yourself and taking responsibility for your own happiness. Becoming yourself again. Basically it's about the realisationthat life is throwing a storm at you either way, so you're far better off walking steadfast into it."-N.Y.C.K.

With production credits boasting Oscar Dawson (Holy Holy, Alex Lahey, Ali Barter), Hayden Calinan, Lawrence Greenwood and John Lee, Wild Streak is a profoundly beautiful album; a true musical body of work in every sense. From beginning to end and across all 10 tracks, thelistener is taken on a visceral journey into the heart and mind of the songwriter; where a raw honesty burns a hole through each and every surface. Like flicking through the pages of someone'sdiary, each listen is a fresh chance to uncover something else.


1.Wild Streak





6.All The Birds


8.I'll Be The One

9.Bleeding Hearts

10.Face It You're Done

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More Information
Release Date 18 Oct 2019
Brand N/A
Artist N.Y.C.K.
Title Wild Streak
Format CD ALBUM (1 DISC)
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