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Miles Davis - Rubberband (CD)

Miles Davis - Rubberband (CD)

Miles Davis - Rubberband (CD)

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Miles Davis - Rubberband (CD)

Miles Davis - Rubberband (CD)

Miles Davis shocked the music world in 1985 when he left Columbia Records after 30 years to join Warner Bros. Records. In October of that year, he began recording the album Rubberbandin Los Angeles at AmeraycanStudios with producers Randy Hall and Zane Giles. The musical direction Davis was taking during the sessions marked a radical departure, with the inclusion of funk and soul grooves. Eventually, the album was shelved and Davis went on to record Tutu, leaving the Rubberbandsongs unheard and untouched for over 30 years.

The entire 11-song Rubberbandalbum will now make its debut on September 6. It was finished by the original producers Hall and Giles, along with Davis’ nephew, Vince Wilburn, Jr., who played drums on the original sessions for the album in 1985-86. The final version includes several guest artists including singers Ledisi(a 12-time Grammy nominee) and LalahHathaway (daughter of soul legend Donny Hathaway). The cover art for the album is a Davis original painting from the time.

Voted the “greatest jazz artist of all time” in a 2015 BBC poll, Miles Davis is an icon of 20th century music. Focused on musical evolution and pushing out in new directions, his acolytes included genre-defying artists such as Herbie Hancock, John Coltrane and Wayne Shorter. Pop artists including Joni Mitchell, Prince and Radiohead have cited Davis as an inspiration in their own recordings.


1. RubberbandOf Life –featuring Ledisi
2. This Is It
3. Paradise
4. So Emotional –featuring LalahHathaway
5. Give It Up
6. Maze
7. Carnival Time
8. I Love What We Make Together –featuring Randy Hall
9. See I See
10. Echoes In Time/The Wrinkle
11. Rubberband

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