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Mr Sin - The Abe Safron Story (DVD)

Mr Sin - The Abe Safron Story (DVD)
Mr Sin - The Abe Safron Story (DVD)
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Mr Sin - The Abe Safron Story (DVD)
Before Underbelly, there was Abe Saffron, Australia's first and most notorious Godfather, who ruled the underworld like a modern Caesar.

For 40 years, the so-called 'Mr Sin' was at the forefront of organised crime in Sydney. This riveting documentary is a story of bribery, blackmail and corruption and examines how Australia’s enigmatic crime boss Abe Saffron remained untouchable for so long.

Few major cities, anywhere in the world, escape a degree of corruption. In Sydney, corruption became so entrenched that organised criminal activity became institutionalised. From the top down, just about everyone in a position of power was on the take. Quietly spoken Abe Saffron, whose tools of trade were blackmail and bribery, was the spider at the centre of the web. Before Abe, Sydney’s underworld was run by razor gangs and thugs. Abe introduced respectability, lawyers, accountants and businesses that fronted for any number of illegal activities. Australians know the name Abe Saffron but little else beyond the fact he ran brothels and strip clubs. This film provides real revelations about who Abe was, what he did and who he did it to.

Those who were closest to Abe take us into the life of the man who became the number one crime boss in Australia. Mr SIN: THE ABE SAFFRON STORY is full of engaging and unique characters, family members and others a little more rough around the edges.

Production Year - 2009
Length – 210 mins
Country of Origin – AUS
Director: Hugh Piper

Extended interviews, Photo Gallery

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