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Mother of Tears (DVD)

Mother of Tears (DVD)
Mother of Tears (DVD)
Mother of Tears (DVD)
From Dario Argento comes the finale to the saga that began with the international blockbuster SUSPIRIA and continued with the classic INFERNO.
Renowned as an Italian horror maestro, Argento redefines the genre once again with his visionary epic Mother of Tears, starring his real life daughter Asia Argento (xXx, Land of the Dead and Last Days).
In the heart of modern Rome, an ancient urn is discovered and brought to a young archaeologist, Sarah Mandy, for study. Unknown to Sarah, the urn is an artifact belonging to the demonic Mother of Tears, the world’s most powerful witch.
Ignorant of the urn’s true purpose Sarah mistakenly unleashes a demonic power intent on destroying the city and everything in its path, beginning with the brutal slaying of her co-workers. Narrowly escaping the same fate, Sarah takes refuge with an old priest who reveals Sarah’s dark legacy – that her fate was sealed years before when her own mother was slaughtered by the Mother of Tears… and that only she has the power to find and stop the witch before it is too late.
“Just as twisted, surprising and gruesome as anything that Argento has given us in the past…for Argento fans, “Mother of Tears” is the film that you have been waiting for” - EFilmCritic
“a little Harry Potter, a little Da Vinci Code, and enough splatter to make the late Lucio Fulci dash his brains against the inside of his coffin” - New York Magazine
“4 Stars - Vulgar, outlandish, hysterical, inventive, revolting, flamboyant, titillating, ridiculous, mischievous, uproarious, cheap, priceless, tasteless and sublime.” - New York Times

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