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Mojo Juju - Native Tongue (CD ALBUM)

Mojo Juju - Native Tongue (CD ALBUM)

Mojo Juju - Native Tongue (CD ALBUM)

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Mojo Juju - Native Tongue (CD ALBUM)

Mojo Juju - Native Tongue (CD ALBUM)

The fiercely strong and flawlessly honest song-writing of Melbourne’sMojo Ruiz de Luzuriaga, aka Mojo Juju, returns with her third studio album Native Tongue

Stylistically, Mojo once again embarks on new territory through collaborations with multiple producers –Steven Schram (Paul Kelly), Joelistics(TZU), jnbo(The Cactus Channel) and Jamieson Shaw (Netflix series 'The Get Down’).

The album opens with a guest appearance from 'The PasefikaVitoria Choir’ and is followed up by features from Hip Hop MC Mirrah(L-Fresh The Lion), Soul music royalty Joshua Tavares and spoken word artist Lay the Mystic.

This time around Juju has taken her eclectic influences and created a seamless and authentically original sound, continuing her dedication to bucking labels, bending genres and doing her own thing. Perhaps the manifold musical incarnations of Juju are symbolic of the manifold pieces that make up her identity. Perhaps this unique blend of Soul, RnB, Blues & Hip Hop is in fact her 'Native Tongue’.

Through the telling of family history and her own personal experiences, Juju explores her relationships with Elders and Ancestryand how that informs her own identity. Contemplating her Mother’s Indigenous heritage, her Father’s experience as a Filipino immigrant and her ownplace in the cultural landscape of modern Australia, it is an album about self-discovery and it is her most personal offering to date. It is honest, emotional and intrinsically political.


1.Native Tongue (Feat. PasefikaVitoria Choir)

2.Papa (Tagalog Interlude)

3.Something Wrong

4.Think Twice

5.Bound To

6.Cold Condition (Feat. Joshua Tavares)

7.Shut Your Mouth

8.Never Again

9.I Just WannaKnow

10.Pidge (Jackie Interlude)

11.Far Too Late

12.1000 Years



15.Don’t Stop Me Now

16.Native Tongue Reprise (Feat. Lay the Mystic

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Release Date 24 Aug 2018
Brand N/A
Artist Mojo Juju
Title Native Tongue
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