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Max Richter - Voices (CD ALBUM (2 DISC))

Max Richter - Voices (CD ALBUM (2 DISC))

Max Richter - Voices (CD ALBUM (1 DISC))

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Max Richter - Voices (CD ALBUM (1 DISC))

Max Richter - Voices (CD ALBUM (1 DISC))

Decca are delighted to present VOICES -a brand new project from acclaimed composer, pianist, producer, and collaborator, Max Richter.Described by Max Richter as a "place to think and reflect", VOICES celebrates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, featuring hundreds of crowd-sourced recordings of people all over the globe reading the Declaration in more than 70 languages. It comprises material featuring orchestra, choir, solo soprano, solo violin, solo piano and electronics. It also includes the 1949 Recording of the preamble to the declaration by Eleanor Roosevelt, which can be heard in the first track "All Human Beings". The accompanying video is a poignant reminder of the healing and uniting power of music in these uncertain and challenging times.

"Richter is the architect of a post-minimalist electronic revolution at the borderlands of classical music"–The ECONOMIST,1843 MAGAZINE

"Richter works in a tone that is sincere and serious; many of his pieces could be described as beautiful. It's a style at odds with the fashionable inscrutability of postmodernism." -LOS ANGELESTIMES

"No contemporary composer expresses the same complexity of emotion on screen as Max Richter, whose work pervades modern culture,from film to television to dance to theatre."–THE ATLANTIC



1. All Human Beings

2. Origins

3. Journey Piece

4. Chorale

5. Hypocognition

6. Prelude 6

7. Murmuration

8. Cartography

9. Little Requiems

10. Mercy


1. All Human Beings (Voiceless Mix)

2. Origins (Voiceless Mix)

3. Journey Piece (Voiceless Mix)

4. Chorale (Voiceless Mix)

5. Hypocognition(Voiceless Mix)

6. Prelude 6 (Voiceless Mix)

7. Murmuration(Voiceless Mix)

8. Cartography (Voiceless Mix)

9. Little Requiems (Voiceless Mix)

10. Mercy (Voiceless Mix)

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More Information
Release Date 31 Jul 2020
Brand N/A
Artist Max Richter
Title Voices
Format CD ALBUM (2 DISC)
Packaging -
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