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Machine Translations - Oh (CD ALBUM)

Machine Translations - Oh (CD ALBUM)
Machine Translations - Oh (CD ALBUM)
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Machine Translations - Oh (CD ALBUM)

Starting off as a bunch of lo-fi recording and songwriting experiments on a cassette tape, Machine Translations has evolved through numerous incarnations and 8 album releases into one of Australia's most inventive and hard-to-categorisemusical acts.

MT's musical mastermind J. Walker takes elements as diverse as ethnic folk, electronica, rock 'n roll and contemporary classical and weaves them into something that is both distinctive and compelling. Walker's dedication to the songwriter's art and his willingness to explore and create new sounds makes for a rich and multi-layered listening experience that rewards repeated listening.

The Machine Translations band also features Ralf Rehak(drums), James O'Brien (bass) and Robin Waters (keys and guitars).


1 Made A Friend

2 Parliament Of Spiders

3 Sola

4 Beggar In The House Of Love

5 Room 17

6 Doom Boogie

7 Oh

8 Weightless

9 Spider At The Wheel

10 P

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Release Date 10 Nov 2017
Brand N/A
Artist Machine Translations
Title Oh
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