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LOCASH - Brothers (CD)

LOCASH - Brothers (CD)

LOCASH - Brothers (CD)

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LOCASH - Brothers (CD)

LOCASH - Brothers (CD)

Instead, they focus on those fans and how their new music will be received. The first LOCASH single for Wheelhouse Records, "Feels Like a Party," was cowritten and produced by Corey Crowder and Tyler Hubbard. "Sometimes people in the business will wonder if an artist can 'get away' with a song like that," Preston says, "but I recently had someone say to me, 'We need stuff like this. Taking a short vacation in a song has its own kind of impact.' That affected the way I thought about it and we're proud to be the guys who can deliver that kind of positivity for people. Chris elaborates: "We write every day and are purposeful in focusing on the positive. Everybody has issues and there are tons of problems in the world. There's a place and time to talk about that, but as kids we both turned to music to pick us up. So over our first two albums and definitely this new one, we want to make you smile. We're not trying to change the world. Or are we?" Even as LOCASH embrace the upbeat, they find a balance with deeper songs like "Brothers," also co-written with Crowder and Hubbard. "You might tear up when you hear a song like that or 'Story of Our Lives,' which is going to be on the new album, but it's still a message about making things better, not worse," Chris says. That's not just the message in the music, it's the truth about their journey. "We've figured out how to build careers, lives and families we're proud of," Preston says. "We keep climbing –rung by rung. Sometimes the next one seems just out of our reach and that's when we lift each other up. We grind. We persevere. And in that way, we're just like the people we make music for." Now that's a story worth telling.


1. One Big Country Song
2. Don’t Get Better Than That
3. Brothers
4. How Much Time You Got
5. Summer in a Truck
6. It’s Only Midnight
7. Feels Like a Party
8. Secret Weapon
9. Cold Beer KindaNight
10. Kissing a Girl
11. Beers to Catch Up On

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Release Date 29 Mar 2019
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Title Brothers
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