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Josin - In The Blank Space (CD)

Josin - In The Blank Space (CD)

Josin - In The Blank Space (CD)

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Josin - In The Blank Space (CD)

Josin - In The Blank Space (CD)

Josin–the project from German composer and producer Arabella Rauch –has announced the release of her highly anticipated debut album In The Blank Space.

Josin’sdebut album sees a dynamic blend of electronic jolts, enhanced by keyboards and haunting poetic vocals that draw on a variety of traditions, from classical to electronic.

As a self-taught producer, Josinis always experimenting, incorporating the electronical world into her writing as well as composing string arrangements.


1. In The Blank Space
2. Healing
3. Burning (For A New Start)
4. Once Apart
5. Evaporation
6. Feral Thing
7. Oceans Wait
8. Company
9. Backing Line

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More Information
Release Date 1 Mar 2019
Brand N/A
Artist Josin
Title In The Blank Space
Format CD
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