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Jon Hopkins - Singularity (CD ALBUM)

Jon Hopkins - Singularity (CD ALBUM)

Jon Hopkins - Singularity (CD ALBUM)

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Jon Hopkins - Singularity (CD ALBUM)

Jon Hopkins - Singularity (CD ALBUM)

Domino are proud to present the new album from UK artist Jon Hopkins, titled Singularity.

Singularitybegins and ends on the same note: a universe beginning, expanding, and contracting towards the same infinitesimal point. Where 2013'sImmunity–his hypnotic breakthrough LP –charted the dark alternative reality of an epic night out,Singularityexplores the dissonance between dystopian urbanity and the green forest. It is a journey that returns to where it began –from the opening note of foreboding to the final sound of acceptance.

Shaped by his experiences with meditation and trance states, the album flows seamlessly from rugged techno to transcendent choral music, from solo acoustic piano to psychedelic ambient. Its epic musical palette is visceral and emotionally honest: with a destructive opener full of industrial electronics and sonic claustrophobia and a redemptive, pure end on solo piano, this album reflects thepsychological states Hopkins lived through during the writing process.

Exploring the connectivity of the mind, sonicsand the natural world,Singularityis intended to be listened to in one sitting, as a complete body of work.



2.Emerald Rush

3.Neon Pattern Drum

4.Everything Connected

5.Feel First Life

6.C O S M

7.Echo Dissolve

8.Luminous Beings


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Release Date 4 May 2018
Brand N/A
Artist Jon Hopkins
Title Singularity
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