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John Maus - Addendum (CD ALBUM)

John Maus - Addendum (CD ALBUM)

John Maus - Addendum (CD ALBUM)

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John Maus - Addendum (CD ALBUM)

John Maus - Addendum (CD ALBUM)

'Addendum' is the sixth full length album by contrapuntal, synth-pop visionary and hysterical body John Maus. Incubated alongside the tracks that solidified into last year's 'Screen Memories' album, 'Addendum' presents Mausin more spontaneous mood. Whilst 'Screen Memories' joined the chorus of trumpets sounding Revelation, 'Addendum' finds Mausconsidering what comes after the end. It's a document of an artist using broad brushstrokes, emboldened by irreverence, freed from the script and staring absurdity in the face. These twelve songs showcase John Mausas a musician who experiments with his creative instincts, who wants to surprise himself in the act of making anew. With 'Addendum' he sounds untamed, off the cuff and closer to the pulse.


1.1. Outer Space

2.2. Dumpster Baby

3.3. Episode

4.4. Drinking Song

5.5. Figured It Out

6.6. Middle Ages

7.7. Mind The Droves

8.8. Privacy

9.9. Running Man

10.10. Second Death

11.11. 1987

12.12. I Want To Live

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Release Date 18 May 2018
Brand N/A
Artist John Maus
Title Addendum
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