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James Taylor - The Warner Bros. Albums: 1970-1976 (CD)

James Taylor - The Warner Bros. Albums: 1970-1976 (CD)

James Taylor - The Warner Bros. Albums: 1970-1976 (CD)

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James Taylor - The Warner Bros. Albums: 1970-1976 (CD)

James Taylor - The Warner Bros. Albums: 1970-1976 (CD)

As a recording and touring artist, James Taylor has touched people with his warm baritone voice and distinctive style of guitar-playing for more than 40 years, while setting a precedent to which countless young musicians have aspired.

Between 1970 and 1976, James Taylor released six albums with Warner Bros. Records that became the foundation for his unparalleled career that includes five Grammy® Awards, induction into the Songwriters and Rock and Roll Halls of Fame, and more than 100 million records sold worldwide.

Rhino pays tribute to Taylor with a new collection that introduces newly remastered versions of all his Warner Bros. albums.


Sweet Baby James (1970)
1. Sweet Baby James
2. Lo And Behold’
3. Sunny Skies
4. Steamroller
5. Country Road
6. Oh, Susannah
7. Fire And Rain
8. Blossom
9. Anywhere Like Heaven
10. Oh Baby, Don’t You Loose Your Lip On Me
11. Suite For 20 G

Mud Slide Slim And The Blue Horizon (1971)
1. Love Has Brought Me Around
2. You’ve Got A Friend
3. Places In My Past
4. Riding On A Railroad
5. Soldiers
6. Mud Slide Slim
7. Hey Mister, That’s Me Up On The Jukebox
8. You Can Close Your Eyes
9. Machine Gun Kelly
10. Long Ago And Far Away
11. Let Me Ride
12. Highway Song
13. Isn’t It Nice To Be Home Again

One Man Dog (1972)
1. One Man Parade
2. Nobody But You
3. Chili Dog
4. Fool For You
5. Instrumental I
6. New Tune
7. Back On The Street Again
8. Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
9. Woh, Don’t You Know
10. One Morning In May
11. Instrumental II
12. Someone
13. Hymn
14. Fanfare
15. Little David
16. Mescalito
17. Dance
18. Jig

Walking Man (1974)
1. Walking Man
2. Rock ’n’ Roll Is Music Now
3. Let It All Fall Down
4. Me And My Guitar
5. Daddy's Baby
6. Ain’tNo Song
7. Hello Old Friend
8. Migration
9. The Promised Land
10. Fading Away

Gorilla (1975)
1. Mexico
2. Music
3. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
4. Wandering
5. Gorilla
6. You Make It Easy
7. I Was A Fool To Care
8. Lighthouse
9. Angry Blues
10. Love Songs
11. Sarah Maria

In The Pocket (1976)
1. Shower The People
2. A Junkie’s Lament
3. Money Machine
4. Slow Burning Love
5. Everybody Has The Blues
6. Daddy's All Gone
7. Woman’s GottaHave It
8. Captain Jim's Drunken Dream
9. Don’t Be Sad ’CauseYour Sun Is Down
10. Nothing Like A Hundred Miles
11. Family Man
12. Golden Moments

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