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Horrorshow - New Normal (CD)

Horrorshow - New Normal (CD)

Horrorshow - New Normal (CD)

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Horrorshow - New Normal (CD)

Horrorshow - New Normal (CD)

With their hearts on their sleeves and some hot collabs under their belts, Horrorshow are back with their highly anticipated 5th studio album, 'New Normal'. An album of layers, the stories behind the 'New Normal' narrative have profoundly impacted the lives of Adit and Solo, defining an album of vulnerability; of love and loss; and all the complexities within.

A body of work that nods to Horrrorshow’s classic autobiographical style as well as a flex of their new directions, New Normal retains the authenticity that fans swear by and soundtrack their lives with. When Solo says “this is not a game, and I am not the same man who was standing in my place cos a lot has changed,'' he’s putting down context for how deeply he and Adit have been moved by the shifting sands beneath them. If the trials of the last few years have been felt deeply, so too has the strength of their convictions to rise above and accept their New Normal.

1.Against The Wall
3.Monkey Bars
4.Grain By Grain
6.Before The Dawn
7.The Same
9.Yearn For You
10.Up All Night
11.Eyes Closed
13.New Normal

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Release Date 18 Oct 2019
Brand N/A
Artist Horrorshow
Title New Normal
Format CD
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