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History Makers (2 DVD Box Set)

History Makers (2 DVD Box Set)
History Makers (2 DVD Box Set)
History Makers (2 DVD Box Set)

A double feature of two fascinating and compelling documentaries: '1421 - The Year China Discovered the World?' and 'The Voyage of the Nautilus'. 1421 - The Year China Discovered the World?

Was Australia discovered by China 300 years before the Europeans circumnavigated her coastline? Was Columbus beaten to America almost a century before he staked his claim? 1421 explores these possibilities with astonishing new facts and expert accounts, including international bestselling historian Gavin Menzies, which indicate that Chinese Admiral Zheng He, commanding the world’s largest wooden armada, circumnavigated the globe and produced maps which irrefutably included the America's, Australia, New Zealand and Antarctica long before Western history records their discovery.

The Voyage of the Nautilus The story of Sir Hubert Wilkins and his voyage aboard the Nautilus has been long forgotten. It is full of drama and must rank as one of the great adventures of all time. Nautilus is a film about the adventurer, Sir Hubert Wilkins and his decision to make a journey under the ice of the Arctic Ocean in a submarine. Jules Vernes’ age-old dream of travelling under the ice with a submarine was finally to become reality. Prior to the expedition aboard the Nautilus, Sir Hubert Wilkins was one of the world’s most well-known and respected explorers. The Nautilus left the East coast of America at full steam on 4 June, heading for Europe and then the North Pole. The expedition was to be the crowning glory of Sir Hubert’s career, the magnificent accomplishment of his dreams, paving the way for reliable long-term global weather forecasts. However, instead it resulted in his name becoming a forgotten chapter in our polar history

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