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Hardstyle Top 100 - 2017 - Various Artists (CD DOUBLE SLIMLINE CASE)

Hardstyle Top 100 - 2017 - Various Artists (CD DOUBLE SLIMLINE CASE)
Hardstyle Top 100 - 2017 - Various Artists (CD DOUBLE SLIMLINE CASE)
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Hardstyle Top 100 - 2017 - Various Artists (CD DOUBLE SLIMLINE CASE)

HardstyleTop 100: 2017 is a double disc jam packed with the best of hardstyle–bouncing beats, thundering kicks, shimmering melodies, low bass and the thickest synths you've laid ears upon.


1.Wildstylez, Noisecontrollers, Bass Modulators -Bad Habits(feat Gabs)

2.DJ Isaac-Down With Me

3.Major Lazer, Showtek-Believer

4.Sickddellz, Exilium-Away From You (feat. Sebastian Hansson)

5.Darren Styles -Come Running

6.NIVIRO-Red & Blue

7.Sound Rush, Airtunes-Gods

8.Toneshifterz -PSYSTYLE feat. MC D

9.KELTEK -Down To Earth

10.Cyber -A New World

11.Sephyx, Bonnie X Clyde -Where It Hurts

12.Code Black -Wild Ones feat. Elle Vee

13.Coone, Da Tweekaz-D.W.X.

14.Max Enforcer, AmsterdamSoundSystem-She Got Me Like feat. Elle Vee

15.Faizar -CoverterOf The Thrones

16.Bass Modulators -Mantra

17.The Galaxy-Waiting For You

18.NSCLT-Reborn feat. LXCPR

19.Noisecontrollers, Bass Modulators -The Feeling Of

20.Frequencerz -Victory Forever

21.Dr Rude -Out Of Heaven feat. Jesse Lyons

22.Audiofreq -Stampede

23.50 Hz -Out Of Focus

24.Estaloca, The Blacksmith -Lost In Limbo

25.Hard Driver -My Own Space feat. LXCPR

26.Blackburn, Aeros-Bomba

27.Sub Zero Project, GLDY LX-Basstrain

28.B-Front-Deepest Wave

29.Devin Wild -Remorse

30.Resist -Make A Sound

31.Digital Punk, B-Front -Take It All feat. Alee

32.Deetox ft. Elyn-Paralyzed

33.Digital Punk, Adaro -Circus Of Insanity

34.Phuture Noize-Walls Crashin' Down

35.Clockartz -Rockafella

36.Caine, John Harris -No Mercy

37.Sub Sonik, Villain -I Am The One

38.The Prophet -Skum


40.Dr Phunk, Paul Elstak, Jebroer-Kind Van De Duivel

41.Stereotuners -All We Had

42.Jason Payne -One

43.Marco V -GODD

44.Degos, Re-Done -Release Me

45.E-Force, Warface, Rebelion-One

46.Killshot-Who's The Boss

47.Radical Redemption -Brutal 6.0

48.Warface -FTP

49.War Force -The Coming Of Noise

50.Thyron-Murder Me

51.Audiotricz, Demi Kanon-Fallen Horizon

52.Festuca -For The Music

53.Retrospect -Sombasay

54.Wildstylez, Villain -Make The Crowd Move

55.Noisecontrollers, Bass Modulators -Glitch

56.Cyber -Be Here

57.Devin Wild -Breakthrough

58.Hard Driver -Interconnected

59.Wave Pressure-Immunity

60.Josh, Wesz-Believe

61.Sound Rush -Mystical Expedition

62.Max Enforcer -Back At 'Em


64.The Prophet, The Ultimate MC -Mission Impossible

65.The FatRat-The Calling feat. Laura Brehm

66.AUDIOTRICZ -Let There Be Light

67.Wasted Penguinz-Make It One Day


69.Phandelic -Defeat The Shadow

70.JNXD -Spectrum Of Sound

71.Dj Thera -Feel Alive feat. Yuna-X

72.Outsiders, Jebroer, The Darkraver-Vaderland

73.Da Tweekaz, Sub Zero Project -DRKNSS

74.Sub Zero Project -The Project

75.Digital Punk, Endymion -Stand Up & Fight

76.Atmozfears, Audiotricz-HandzUp

77.B-Front, PhutureNoize-The Paradox

78.Sub Sonik, Sub Zero Project -Ready For This

79.Resist -Your Mind

80.Break Zero -Vengeance

81.X-Pander, MC Jeff -Worldwide Catastrophe

82.Regain-The Greatest Show

83.Concept Art -Playing With Fire

84.EZG -RellenIn De Hel

85.Public Enemies-Start The Rage

86.Jebroer, DjPaul Elstak, Dr Phunk-Engeltje

87.Donkey Rollers-Chaos

88.D-Sturb, Nolz-Wild Child

89.Rebelion -Echoes

90.Deetox -Don't Let Go

91.Warface, D-Sturb-Pull The Killswitchfeat. Emese

92.Adaro -Raggamuffin

93.High Voltage, Titan -Death Is Coming

94.The Stunned Guys, DJ Paul -Thrillseeka

95.Gunz For Hire -No Mercy

96.Thyron-How It's Done

97.Delete -The Power

98.Rooler -Martyr

99.Ncrypta -Helix

100.Unresolved -Monster

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Release Date 24 Nov 2017
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Artist Various Artists
Title Hardstyle Top 100 - 2017
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