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Hardcore Top 100 - 2017 - Various Artists (CD DOUBLE SLIMLINE CASE)

Hardcore Top 100 - 2017 - Various Artists (CD DOUBLE SLIMLINE CASE)
Hardcore Top 100 - 2017 - Various Artists (CD DOUBLE SLIMLINE CASE)
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Hardcore Top 100 - 2017 - Various Artists (CD DOUBLE SLIMLINE CASE)

HardcoreTop 100 2017 is back with the best hardcoretracks known to man. Hope your amplifier comes with a limiter because this compilation has some bite!

Boisterous kick drums, bouncing bass lines and tearing synths set the tone for this double disc collection with the top 100 hardcoretracks around right now.


1.Bodyshock –Bitch! (Restrained remix)

2.Sub Sonik& D-Fence -Wazzup

3.Dyprax & Crypsis–Stuck Up!

4.Korsakoff –Wonders

5.Javi Boss –Mighty

6.Anime ft. Nolz–Superior Hardcore

7.Advanced Dealer –Back To The Rave

8.Evil Activities & DJ Maddog–911

9.Tears Of Fury –No Control

10.DJ Maddog–Drugs, Sex & Power

11.Tha Playah–Why So Serious

12.Anime –Call My Name

13.Tymon –Nose Job

14.Tha Playah& E-Force ft. Nolz–Warfare

15.Outblast & Angerfistft. MC ThaWatcher –Die Hard

16.Resolute –I'm Coming For You

17.Jane Dark –War Creator

18.Ignite –Bounce

19.Tymon & Detest –GangstaBitch

20.I-Gor –Zero Fucks Given

21.Furyan & Angerfist–Hoax

22.DJ Maddogft. Dave Revan –Maze Of Martyr

23.Re-Style ft. Alee & Diesel –Ultimate HardcoreFeeling

24.Crossfiyah –Mass Destruction

25.Meccano Twins & Dirty Bastards ft. Mc Justice –Back In The Game

26.Bodyshock & Angerfistft. MC ThaWatcher –Blood For Blood

27.Nosferatu ft. Nolz–Hostile Takeover

28.Deadly Guns & Predator –The Surge

29.Freakon –Psycho

30.Catscan –Bust YaBrain

31.Andy The Core –Kill Somebody

32.DJipe –The Daily Grind

33.Lowroller –Smash

34.Detest –Bloodbath

35.Death Shock & Spitnoise–No Doubt

36.N-Vitral presents Bombsquad–Blow 'M Up

37.D-Fence & Angernoizer–BreekDe Tent Af

38.The Punisher –Trial Of Blood

39.The Melodyst–MeatboyRun

40.Deadly Guns –Step Back

41.Nosferatu –And Died Again

42.System Overload vs. MC Complex –Boem

43.E-Force & Frequencerz–Men Of Steel (ThaPlayahremix)

44.Black Flowers -Propane

45.Blaster –Murder The Scene

46.Death By Design & HyruleWar –Path Of Exile

47.Deadly Guns ft. MC ThaWatcher –Law Enforcers

48.The Trickster –Wreck The Party

49.Miss Enemy & Hatred –Sunlight

50.DRS ft. Estasia–Dope

51.Tymon –Subwoofer

52.Korsakoff –Tempest

53.Tommyknocker –Fucked Up Music

54.DJ Maddog–Hero

55.Jane Dark –Outcast

56.Reevoid –Fuckemall

57.Dyprax & Norphine–Don't Fear Death

58.Re-Style ft. MC ThaWatcher –The Awakening

59.Radio Killah–Gateway To The Peace

60.Javi Boss ft. MC Jeff –Disorder

61.Destructive Tendencies –Skull Dynasty

62.Catscan & Predator –Worlds End

63.Bodyshock & Destructive Tendencies ft. MC Jeff –Cannonball

64.Javi Boss –My Death

65.Re-Style –Towards The Sun

66.Luxxer –Soul Vessel

67.Anime –Liar

68.Bodyshock –Hyperactive

69.Miss K8 –St8ment

70.Re-Style –Ibiza Goes Hard

71.Deadly Guns –Stick To My Guns

72.Resolute –Never Give Up

73.Dyprax –ZultkoppenKoorts

74.Nosferatu ft. MC ThaWatcher –Defiance

75.E-Force & Deadly Guns –Shocked

76.The Melodyst–I'm OK

77.The DJ Producer –Downside Up

78.Furyan ft. Bodyshock& Alee –Murder (The Beatkrusherremix)

79.D-Passion –Shock The Hardcore

80.Tha Playah& Destructive Tendencies ft. MC Jeff –Play My Ground

81.Predator & Lowroller–Deathmatch

82.Lost Origin –Rock The Beat

83.Evil Activities & Furyan–Speak My Mind

84.System Overload vs. Cardan –Chop-A-Chop

85.Synthax –Heat

86.Deterrent Man ft. F-Noize–WhatsappMadness

87.Blaster ft. F-Noize–38 Snub

88.The Sickest Squad ft. Vale Blake –Don't Speak

89.Mr. Cuda& Sawtooth–You Can Have It

90.Bit Reaktorft. Vale Blake –Open Your Eyes

91.Sei2ure –There's A Simple Solution

92.Detest –Brutal HardcoreMotherfucker

93.Lunatic –Those Who Kill

94.The Endless Souls –I'm Not Insane

95.Miss Enemy –Back To The Street

96.Angernoizer & D-Fence –Afbreken

97.Spitnoise & Deathshock–Brahh(NSD remix)

98.DRS & Vandalism –Nightmare

99.Frenchfaces –Pacman

100.DRS vs. The Vizitorft. MC Drokz–TiTa Terror

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Release Date 24 Nov 2017
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Artist Various Artists
Title Hardcore Top 100 - 2017
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