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Gravemind - Conduit (CD)

Gravemind - Conduit (CD)

Gravemind - Conduit (CD)

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Gravemind - Conduit (CD)

Gravemind - Conduit (CD)

Never ones to do things in halves, Melbourne metal entrepreneurs Gravemind teased their upcoming album in a way their fans have come to expect. Via their (at the time unannounced) new home Greyscale Records; first came the cipher, then the clue, and now both the band and label are proud to announce Gravemind joining the Greyscale family, and announcing their debut album Conduit.

This album has been an intense labour of love that was over two years in the making, but vocalist, Dylan Gillies- Parsons unpacks the experience as a necessary means to an end. “We wanted to take our time with this record. It had to be as close to perfect as possible, and it needed to accurately reflect who we were, and what we felt as individuals. This album is our reveal, it is the truth as we see it, in all it’s forms”.

1. The Effigy
2. Reveal
3. Volgin
4. Vox Populi
5. Hard Rain
6. Phantom Pain
7. Reading;Steiner
8. Zero-Point Energy
9. Hollow
10. Embrace
11. The Entropy

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Release Date 19 Jul 2019
Brand N/A
Artist Gravemind
Title Conduit
Format CD
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