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Flying Lotus - Flamagra (Instrumentals) (Vinyl)

Flying Lotus - Flamagra (Instrumentals) (Vinyl)

Flying Lotus - Flamagra (Instrumentals) (Vinyl)

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Flying Lotus - Flamagra (Instrumentals) (Vinyl)

Flying Lotus - Flamagra (Instrumentals) (Vinyl)

Flying Lotus’ 2019 LP Flamagra was a typically bold work from this singular artist. A sprawling epic that encompassed futuristic jazz, fusion-funk, cinematic hip-hop and much more, the album was further testament to FlyLo’s expansive vision for modern music.

Flamagra (Instrumentals) emerges to mark a year since the release of its parent record, including an exclusive animated zoetrope slipmat and labels by Winston Hacking and Drew Tetz in the package. As you’ve likely guessed from the title, this collection finds FlyLo stripping away the vocal spots from the likes of David Lynch, Denzel Curry and Shabazz Palaces that peppered Flamagra. Allowing Flying Lotus' inimitable beats and well versed jazz heritage to take centre stage, alongside the dizzying array of talent from the featured players including Thundercat, Herbie Hancock and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson.

The instrumental arrangements also allow FlyLo’s dazzling compositional abilities to shine even brighter than they did in the vocal mixes. ‘Yellow Belly’ and ‘Black Balloons Reprise’ now both showcase a stronger link to the wonky beats that characterised FlyLo’s early records and also demonstrate how much more expansive his sonic palette has become down the years. Then there is the heightened soul of ‘Land Of Honey’, ‘The Climb’ and ‘Spontaneous’, whose lush harmonies are given even more space in which to sing. Flamagra acts perhaps even more like a suite, the musical rush uninterrupted and allowed to scale new heights.

This new instrumental edition of Flying Lotus’s 2019 LP Flamagra finds the harmonies, melodies, textures and tones of the original album shining brighter than ever.

1. Heroes
2. Post Requisite
3. Heroes In A Half Shell
4. More (Instrumental)
5. Capillaries
6. Burning Down The House (Instrumental)
7. Spontaneous (Instrumental)
8. Takashi
9. Pilgrim Side Eye
10. All Spies
11. Yellow Belly (Instrumental)
12. Black Balloons Reprise (Instrumental)
13. Fire Is Coming (Instrumental)
14. Inside Your Home
15. Actually Virtual (Instrumental)
16. Andromeda
17. Remind U
18. Say Something
19. Debbie Is Depressed
20. Find Your Own Way Home
21. The Climb (Instrumental)
22. Pygmy
23. 9 Carrots (Instrumental)
24. FF4
25. Land Of Honey (Instrumental)
26. Thank U Malcolm
27. Hot Oct.

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More Information
Release Date 29 May 2020
Brand N/A
Artist Flying Lotus
Title Flamagra (Instrumentals)
Format Vinyl
Packaging -
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