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Flasher - Constant Image (CD ALBUM)

Flasher - Constant Image (CD ALBUM)

Flasher - Constant Image (CD ALBUM)

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Flasher - Constant Image (CD ALBUM)

Flasher - Constant Image (CD ALBUM)

Since they appeared with their self-titled, self-released EP back in 2016, Flasher has exuded both a clarity of intent and a radiant self-confidence. Critically applauded from the start, that initial release offered a clear blueprint. By turns razor sharp andwoozy, skipping from shoegaze to punk and back again, it offered confirmation of a band whose wiry energy and melodic ease made them instantly arresting.After the release of one more 7". they quickly found themselves signed to Domino and have since been quietly working on their full-length debut -Constant Image. Recorded in 2017 across a few sleep-deprived weeks at Rare Book Room in Brooklyn, NY, itwas produced by Nicolas Vernhes(Animal Collective, Deerhunter, War On Drugs) and crackles with invention.From their hometown of Washington, DC, with its rich history of idiosyncratic underground music, Flasher -Taylor Mulitzon guitar, bassist Daniel Saperstein and drummer Emma Baker -has emerged at the forefront of a vibrant musical present. The SisterPolygon label (which Mulitzhelps run with former bandmates Priests) is a vital element in this moment of local cultivation and political confrontation. With their new LP, Flasher is helping to define a new generation of music in the city set apart fromDischordor any other storied DC past.It's not often a debut album arrives in so complete a form but when it does you know you've got something special on your hands. After years of having to decide between nail-biting confusion and disarming pop melodies, Flasher finally allow us to have it all.




3.Sun Come And Golden



6.Who's Got Time?

7.Skim Milk

8.Harsh Light

9.Punching Up

10.Business Unusual

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Release Date 8 Jun 2018
Brand N/A
Artist Flasher
Title Constant Image
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