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Ecca Vandal - Ecca Vandal (CD ALBUM)

Ecca Vandal - Ecca Vandal (CD ALBUM)
Ecca Vandal - Ecca Vandal (CD ALBUM)
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Ecca Vandal - Ecca Vandal (CD ALBUM)

The self titled debut album from Melbourne's genre-defying EccaVandal, features singles Broke Days, Party Nightsand Future Heroine,and guest appearances from SampaThe Great, Dennis Lyxzén(Refused) and Jason AalonButler (letlive).

Although the old identifiers are still there –Vandal's commanding aggression, vocal dexterity, natural magnetism and unique ability to meld rock, punk, rap, soul and pretty much whatever she felt like –what really stands out about this record is its explosive, irrepressible energy.


1.Your Way

2.Broke Days, Party Nights (feat. Dennis Lyxzénand Jason AalonButler)

3.Future Heroine

4.Closing Ceremony

5.Cassettes, Lies and Videotapes

6.Your Orbit (feat. SampaThe Great)

7.End of Time

8.Dead Wait

9.Cold Of The World

10.Out on the Inside

11.Bad Habit

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Release Date 20 Oct 2017
Brand N/A
Artist Ecca Vandal
Title Ecca Vandal
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