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The Tiger Blade (DVD)

The Tiger Blade (DVD)
The Tiger Blade (DVD)
The Tiger Blade (DVD)
[Thai with English subtitles]

A slick, action packed whirlpool of martial arts, bullets and mystical mayhem where nothing is as it seems and victory is written in the blood of the past.
When a highly volatile case confounds the police, a young maverick cop with mystical powers is put on the case. Yosthana a smart young “special agent” teams up with the seductive Duangdao, and together they must hunt down and capture the brutal and deadly Five Bullets Bandit. The gang is led by the fearsome Mahesak who, like Yosthana, is skilled in the art of sorcery and magic. Mahesak can only be defeated with the Tiger Blade, a magical and ancient sword, replete with the powers of nature and the forces of good. Yosthana must find the Tiger Blade, and bring Mahesak to justice, before the bandits bring total chaos to the city. The stage is set for a gruesome battle between the two nemeses, but only one can survive.

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Title The Tiger Blade (DVD)
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