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The Human Tornado (DVD)

The Human Tornado (DVD)
The Human Tornado (DVD)
The Human Tornado (DVD)

In this sequel to the cult smash Dolemite we find our hero on the run from a redneck sheriff who has caught Dolemite messin' with his woman. He and his posse dodge the sheriff and his bullets in a high-speed chase that takes them to L.A. Upon Dolemite's arrival, he learns the Queen Bee and her Kung Fu Girls have been pushed out of the nightclub business by a ruthless competitor who has ties to the Mob. With two of the girls held hostage, the Queen and her bees are forced into slavery for their nemesis. Enter Dolemite! Following a scene described by Rudy Ray himself as "Sensational and Sexsational" Dolemite gets the low-down on the gang's hideout. It's high-speed kung fu Dolemite-style as the rat soup eatin' motherf***ers get their collective ass kicked. But the redneck sheriff is still hot on Dolemite's trail - can even a Human Tornado fight two battles at once?

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