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The Crown Prince (DVD)

The Crown Prince (DVD)

Dollar-a-Disk - The Crown Prince (DVD) Max von Thun, Vittoria Puccini, Omar Sha


The real-life story of Archduke Rudolf's tragic fall from grace is brought to screen in this magnificent mini-series. Unhappy in his arranged marriage, Austrian Crown Prince Rudolf (Max von Thun) takes the young and beautiful Baroness Mary Vetsera (Vittoria Puccini) as his mistress. When both his decidedly liberal political views and his romantic liaison come under intense and disapproving scrutiny from his father, Rudolf is led down a tragic path of historic self-destruction. Omar Sharif and Christian Clavier also star in this epic mini series.

Fresh off the TV screens, Ovation is proud to present this sumptuous production in a 2 DVD set.

Year of Production 2006
DVD Release July 2, 2008
Genre Drama, TV-Series
Catalogue Number


Running Time Unknwon
Rating M
Aspect Ratio 1.85:1 (16:9 Widescreen)
Special Features TBA
Subtitles None
Language English
System PAL
No. of Discs 2
DVD Region 4
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More Information
Release Date N/A
Brand N/A
Artist N/A
Title Dollar-a-Disk - The Crown Prince (DVD)
Format DVD
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