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Suite 16 (DVD)

Suite 16 (DVD)
Suite 16 (DVD)
Suite 16 (DVD)
When Chris, a roguish young thief, meets the wealthy and paraplegic Glover, he soon realises that Glover harbours a sexual fetish for observing intimate encounters among other young couples -- and that he is more than willing to pay for the thrill. Needing to make some easy money, Chris consents to Glover's voyeuristic proposal and makes a deal with his new benefactor.

With a video camera covertly set up in one of Glover’s lavish bedrooms and a television in the adjoining room the two begin their bizarre new arrangement. At first things run smoothly with Chris falling comfortably into his role, but before long Glover’s obsession turns violent as his hunger for new experiences results in Chris being restrained to the bed against his consent and raped. Desperate to flee the situation, Chris discovers the apartment has become a prison and that Glover has begun a deadly mind game with his new captive, one that will push both men to the limits of their very nature.

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Title Suite 16 (DVD)
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