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Stephanie Daley (DVD)

Stephanie Daley (DVD)
Stephanie Daley (DVD)
Stephanie Daley (DVD)
Starring Tilda Swinton (Benjamin Button, Michael Clayton, Burn After Reading, Constantine) Timothy Hutton (The Good Sheperd, Q&A).

“There’s a rawness to Stephanie Daley that we rarely see in American films” Cinematical

16-year-old Stephanie Daley (Amber Tamblyn) is hospitalised unexpectedly during a school fieldtrip. Meanwhile, in a nearby public restroom, the dead body of a newborn is discovered.

Faced with charges of murder, Stephanie claims she never knew she was pregnant and that the child was stillborn. Forensic psychologist Lydie Crane (Tilda Swinton) is hired to determine the truth behind Stephanie’s continuing state of denial but struggles with the parallels between her own life at that of the troubled teen.
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