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Soundscapes: Rainforest (DVD)

Soundscapes: Rainforest (DVD)
Soundscapes: Rainforest (DVD/CD)
Soundscapes: Rainforest (DVD/CD)

Join this sublime musical journey through the magnificent Australian Rainforests. 50 to 100 million years ago, dense rainforests covered the entire Australian continent. Today, rainforest is a rare and beautiful commodity on this ancient dry continent. Its receding environments now cover only 0.2% of our landscape and its natural magnificence, teeming with diverse life and unique sights, has become inaccessible to many. But now you can immerse yourself in the magic of this natural wonder, from the soaring canopies to the peaceful water ways, Rainforest Wonders draws you into the heart of the forest, amongst the plentiful wildlife and plants that inhabits the lush green beauty, to reveal the breathtaking splendor of this secretive world. Combining the internationally acclaimed talents of wildlife cinematographer John Young and Emmy Nominated music composer Terry Oldfield, Rainforest Wonders is an inspired journey which brings to life the colours, sounds and magic of the Australian rainforest. A journey that will replenish your spirit and draw you back time after time. Also contains the CD sountrack composed by internationaly acclaimed musician Terry Oldfield.

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