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Soundscapes: Desert Vision (DVD)

Soundscapes: Desert Vision (DVD)
Soundscapes: Desert Vision (DVD)
Soundscapes: Desert Vision (DVD)

Join this sublime musical journey through the magnificent Australian desert. To those who have visited the desert it is an experience never forgotten. It is one of the harshest, most unforgiving yet magically beautiful, peaceful and awe inspiring places on Earth. Australia, one of our planets driest continents, has much of its landscape made up of desert. Carved and formed over millions of years, the peaceful sands shifting through rocky outcrops and evolving formations while nurturing a menagerie of exotic wildlife, remains one of our most precious gifts. These deserts are a place of great contrasts for much of the year it is hot and dry, a place of desolation, but as you will see, when the rains come it explodes to stunning life filled with wondrous colours. Combining the internationally acclaimed talents of wildlife cinematographer John Young and Emmy Nominated music composer Terry Oldfield, Desert Visions will take you on a journey through the exceptional changing facets of Australia's desert country. A journey that will replenish your spirit and draw you back time after time.

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