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Penitentiary 2 (DVD)

Penitentiary 2 (DVD)
Penitentiary 2 (DVD)
Penitentiary 2 (DVD)

A former prison inmate finds he can’t leave his violent past behind in this sequel to the cult favourite Penitentiary. After earning his parole by winning the prison boxing tournament, Martel “Too Sweet” Gordone is tired of fighting and wants to move on to a more peaceful life. Things take an unexpected turn when Half Dead (Ernie Hudson), Too Sweet’s nemesis from prison, escapes and murders his girlfriend Clarisse (Eugenia Wright); Features cameo appearances from boxing legend Archie Moore, Dolemite star Rudy Ray Moore, and Tony Cox.

Director: Jamaa Fanaka

Writer: Jamaa Fanaka

Cast: Leon Kennedy, Gerald Berns, Tony Cox, Ernie Hudson, Mr. T, Peggy Blow

Year of Production 1982
DVD Release 02/01/2008
Genre Blaxploitation
Catalogue Number


Running Time 108 mins
Rating R
Aspect Ratio 1.88:1, 16:9 Widescreen
Special Features None
Subtitles None
Language English
System PAL
No. of Discs 1
DVD Region All Regions
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Release Date N/A
Brand N/A
Artist N/A
Title Penitentiary 2 (DVD)
Format DVD
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