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Oasis Earth (DVD)

Oasis Earth (DVD)
Oasis Earth (DVD)
Oasis Earth (DVD)

OASIS EARTH Join the crew of the Endeavour for a view of our world you have never seen before. On February 11th, 2000 at 12:43 the Space Shuttle Endeavour’s main engines ignited, slowly lifting the massive hybrid of technology and fuel away from the Earth. Inside six highly trained Astronauts were embarking on mission STS-99, taking into orbit a specially modified radar system designed to map the Earth and produce the most detailed 3D images of the Terran surface to date. The glorious HD images captured by the crew themselves reveal the experience of space flight in a way never before captured. Witness the borderless sands of the Middle East; silt drifting from river mouths into oceans and chaotic weather patterns seen from orbit. The clarity will amaze you, the experience will change you. Astronauts Dominic Gorie, Janet Kavandi and Janice Voss describe the experience of going to space, the challenges of working in weightlessness, and how the spectacular

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Title Oasis Earth (DVD)
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