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Gucha (DVD)

Gucha (DVD)
Gucha (DVD)
Gucha (DVD)
A deliriously romantic treat, ‘Gucha’ is an unashamedly lovable tale of two star-crossed lovers and their warring families, minus the sad Shakespearean ending.

When the Gypsy Romeo sets his sights on the beautiful Juliana, it is love at first sight. Unfortunately their parents belong to rival trumpet orchestras that must face each other in the biggest trumpet competition on the planet – Gucha. It doesn’t help that Juliana’s father Satchmo hates “blacksâ€, despite his adoration of Louis Armstrong.

But when his daughter unsuccessfully tries to run away with Romeo, Satchmo makes a deal – if Romeo can win the first prize at Gucha, he will let his daughter go…

Filled with rousing Balkan tunes performed by the actors themselves and shot during the actual festival, this colourfully off-the wall Serbian film is a bittersweet ode to the power of music that will have you stomping for more.
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