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Globe Trekker - Great Festivals (DVD)

Globe Trekker - Great Festivals (DVD)
Globe Trekker - Great Festivals (DVD)
Globe Trekker - Great Festivals (DVD)

Over 3 fun-filled episodes, Great Festivals takes you on an exhilarating trip around the world to experience the most amazing celebrations that the planet has to offer. Whether honouring gods or traditions, or even just looking for an excuse for a big street party, each part of the world has its share of great traditional festivals.


Come on a festive journey from ancient tribal rituals in Papua New Guinea to postmodern pagan parties in the American desert. Onward then to the famous Mardi Gras Carnival in New Orleans, Ethiopia's colourful Epiphany celebration Timkat and dance the night away to the sound of Samba at the Rio de Janeiro Carnival.

Travel further on to witness the little known Inca Inti Raymi festival in Peru, walk the famous Pilgrim Trail leading to Santiago de Compostella and observe the annual Ashura Parade in Pakistan, commemorating the death of the last descendent of the Holy Prophet, Mohammed.


A month-by-month jam-packed journey which begins in the Philippines where thousands converge at the island of Kalibo for the Ati-Atihan Festival. The year continues with the Trinidad Carnival, where loud music and colourful costumes fill the streets till late. In Spain, we witness Las Fallas, a week-long festival of explosions, fireworks and parades. Marvel as the city of Valencia is adorned with 15-foot paper-mache figures that are ceremoniously torched on the last day of the festival.

Experience the best food festivals on the planet - Spain's La Tomatina, Italy's Battle of the Oranges, and the Gilroy Garlic Festival. A highlight on the journey is the Oiled Wrestling Festival in Turkey where over 1000 beefy men come to participate in a weeklong wrestling festival. Covered in slick olive oil, and wearing only a pair of leather trousers, wrestlers struggle to pin the other to the ground and the festival is only ended when only one wrestler is left standing.


When you’re travelling, there’s nothing like coming across a festival. Walking the streets amongst one of the world's greatest parties is a priceless experience. In this third installment of Globetrekker's Great Festivals we take a look back at some of the best ones we’ve comes across, and count them down. Many of the world's great festivals coincide with the changing of the season. Chinese New Year falls on the first day of the lunar New Year and we visit Taiwan to catch the highlights of this 15-day celebration. In New Zealand, where sheep outnumber people, it’s only appropriate that the Sheep Shearing Contest is considered the world’s most prestigious while the Strange Foods Festival in the New Zealand countryside celebrates the eccentric cuisine of the west coast.

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