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Fighting Beat (DVD)

Fighting Beat (DVD)
Fighting Beat (DVD)
Fighting Beat (DVD)
[Thai with english subtitles]

‘True Victory is achieved when your opponent willingly accepts defeat.’
Phi Phi. A beautiful island amid the Andaman Sea. A place where foreign fighters come looking for the ultimate challenge in Muay Thai fighting.
Childhood friends and active fighters in the local Mauy Thai scene, Kem, Chai, Dow and Duan all work at Uncle Praow’s Chok Dee Muay Thai fighting bar, a local attraction for visiting foreigners and Muay Thai disciples. But when Kem and Chai’s reputation as skilled fighters gets back to the leader of a Muay Thai fighting team known as K-1, the group of friends must face off against the ruthless K-1 fighters when the organization tries to force Uncle Praow into selling his famed bar. Severely outnumbered, the childhood friends enter a deadly street battle that will challenge their every skill and test their honour.

Inspired by a true story.
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Title Fighting Beat (DVD)
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