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The Last Ridge (DVD)

The Last Ridge (DVD)
The Last Ridge (DVD)
The Last Ridge (DVD)
On February 18, 1945 the 10th Mountain Division did the impossible in the mountains of Italy, scaling a 2000 foot cliff on a cold winter night to knock the Germans from their impenetrable perch. That night a legacy ignited, one which continues to burn today in the harsh desert terrain of Afghanistan.

After completing their legendary assault in the Italian mountains, the young men of the 10th Mountain continued to drive the frontline through Italy, securing miles of hostile terrain ahead of the advancing Allied forces and effectively turning the tide of the war in Europe.

The Last Ridge brings the extraordinary legacy of the 10th Mountain Division to life, from the uphill battles they faced during World War II, to the remote corners of troubled Afghanistan where they patrol today.

Directed and produced by 10th Mountain descendent Abbie Kealy, The Last Ridge was filmed in Colorado, Italy, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia, and captures rare insights from over one hundred 10th Mountain soldiers.

This is the remarkable story of the 10th Mountain Division.
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