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Cuba: A Lifetime Of Passion (DVD)

Cuba: A Lifetime Of Passion (DVD)
Cuba: A Lifetime Of Passion (DVD)
Cuba: A Lifetime Of Passion (DVD)
Narrated by Michael York OBE (Logans Run, The Three Musketeers, Austin Powers)
With unprecedented access to Cubans on both sides of the Florida Straits, Cuba: A Lifetime of Passion looks at the present reality of the Cuban Revolution and its uncertain post-Castro future. Acclaimed filmmaker Glenn Gebhard comprehensively covers the complex struggle that has engulfed Cuba for the past four decades.
The Cuban revolution took place before many Cubans today were even born. But what is the legacy of this historic revolution? What will happen to the revolution after Castro? Politics in Cuba is sustained by antagonisms. Castro is opposed to the United States, and the Cubans residing in Miami are opposed to Castro and to his regime. But what will happen when there is no longer anything to oppose? How will the present-day regime keep going if the young population in Cuba do not perceive an imperialistic enemy lying in wait? And what will happen to the Cuban exiles when they are no longer in exile and have become just another group of immigrants?
Through a series of revealing interviews with people who fall on all sides of this issue - pro-Castro Communists in Cuba, oppositionists in Cuba, U.S. Department of State personnel, academics, Cubans “stranded in exile” in Miami – along with sequences beautifully shot in 1080i High Definition, this thought-provoking documentary considers Cuba today, yesterday, and tomorrow.
WINNER: Boston International Film Festival 2007 Best Content Award.
WINNER: Beverly Hills Hi-Def Film Festival, 2007.
WINNER: Columbus International Film Festival, 2007
OFFICIAL SELECTION: Big Muddy Film Festival, 2007
OFFICIAL SELECTION: San Paulo Film Festival, 2007.
BONUS DISC: 1960 Emmy Nominated archive film: Castro, Cuba & Communism: Danger on Our Doorstep’. This film uses television newsreel footage filmed during the Cold War period, and soindicative of those times, to document Fidel Castro’s rise to power in Cuba.

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