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Chrysalis (DVD)

Chrysalis (DVD)

Chrysalis (DVD)

Chrysalis (DVD)

A slick sci-fi thriller in the dystopian tradition of Bladerunner & Minority Report.

Seeking revenge for the murder of his wife and partner, a cop comes face to face with an obsessed surgeon who dares cross the boundaries of death with technology. In a grey Paris, circa 2020, high-tech surgeon Bruegen (Marthe Keller) and her daughter are involved in a horrible auto accident. Meanwhile, gung-ho European police officer David Hoffman (Albert Dupontel) and his wife/partner are in a pitched gun battle with wild-eyed Bulgarian secret service renegade Dimitri Nikolov (Alain Figlarz), who sadistically murders Hoffman’s significant other before escaping. When the shattered cop is re-partnered with tomboyish Marie Becker (Marie Guillard), the vigilante-esque hunt begins for the escaped thug. Through a Machiavellian trail of clues and deception Hoffman is eventually led to Bruegen, whose recuperative work on daughter Manon (Melanie Thierry) involves not only the manipulation of dream and memory, but also the Bulgarian’s most recent human trafficking scam.

Starring: Albert Dupontel

“An impeccably tooled, high-octane sci-fi thrill ride” Variety

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