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Angels of the Sun (DVD)

Angels of the Sun (DVD)
Angels of the Sun (DVD)
Angels of the Sun (DVD)
Amid the beautiful palm trees of a small fishing village, a city man called Tadeu appears. He is a supplier in search of a valuable crop: young girls. The quiet, seemingly fragile Maria (Fernanda Carvalho), only 12-years-old, is quickly chosen and loaded into the back of a truck with several others. Her father believes she will have a better life, working for a rich family in Rio De Janiero. Instead, however, Maria is bought by a wealthy landowner and is quickly indoctrinated into the ruthlessness of the world of prostitution when she is presented as a gift for the boss’ virgin son. When she ends up in a remote brothel in the jungle, Maria tries to escape but must face more battles before she can gain her freedom.

Awarded a special prize by Brazil’s Ministry of Culture, Angels of the Sun moves from the North’s sandy coastal villages deep into its big cities and outlaw mining towns, following its child heroines as they encounter an unfathomably cruel, heartbreaking realm.

Starring Antonio Calloni (Dias E Noites), Fernanda Carvalho, Darlene Glória (Feliz Natal), Chico Díaz. Winner of
Best Film, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Screenplay and Best Editing (Gramado Film Festival, 2006), Audience Award for Ibero-American Dramatic Feature (Miami Film Festival, 2006).


Production Year - 2006
Length – 92mins
Country of Origin – BRAZIL
Director – Rudi Lagemann
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