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Dizzy - The Sun And Her Scorch (CD)

Dizzy - The Sun And Her Scorch (CD)

Dizzy - The Sun And Her Scorch (CD)

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Dizzy - The Sun And Her Scorch (CD)

Dizzy - The Sun And Her Scorch (CD)

An album infinitely brightened by Dizzy's heavenly melodies, The Sun and Her Scorch brings truth-telling to confessions of insecurity and resentment, and fear of failure.

Dizzy instill their songs with a warm and open-hearted sincerity, an extension of the gentle camaraderie within the band itself.
Formed in 2015, Dizzy's origins lie in the longtime friendship between singer Katie Munshaw and Charlie Spencer, who met in ninth-grade math class and later sang together in the school choir. Upon graduating high school, the two decided to sidestep the university path and start a band, enlisting Charlie's brothers, Mackenzie and Alex.

1. Worms
2. Sunflower
3. Good and Right
4. The Magician
5. Beatrice
6. Roman Candles
7. Lefty
8. Primrose Hill
9. Daylight Savings Time
10. Ten
11. Worms II

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Release Date 31 Jul 2020
Brand N/A
Artist Dizzy
Title The Sun And Her Scorch
Format CD
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